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BBC: The Climate Wars

In 2008 Iain Stewart traced the history of climate change. Part 1 In the 1970s the world seemed to be falling apart. From acid rain t...

The Secret of El Dorado

In 1542, the Spanish Conquistador, Francisco de Orellana ventured along the Rio Negro, one of the Amazon Basin’s great rivers. Huntin...

The Age Of Stupid

Docu-fiction film in which a future historian reflects on life lessons of different people in the current era, to focus on mankind...
  #11 53:27

PBS: Arctic Sinkholes

In the Arctic, enormous releases of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, threaten the climate. Colossal explosions shake a remote corner...


With aerial footage from fifty-four countries, ‘Home’ is a depiction of how Earth’s problems are all interlinked. I...

The Day the Oceans Boiled


Climate change: what is ocean acidification?

As carbon emissions change the chemistry of the seas, ocean acidification threatens marine life and human livelihoods. How worried sh...

Nature Documentary – The Wilderness


Review: The End of the World (2013)

The End of the World, is a 2013 drama television show produced in South Korea, and directed by Ahn Pan-seok, based on the 2010 novel ...

The Reality of Climate Change

The Reality of Climate Change is a global warming documentary about many of the problems and the solutions to the climate crisis, pro...
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