The End of the World, is a 2013 drama television show produced in South Korea, and directed by Ahn Pan-seokbased on the 2010 novel “Infectious Disease” by Bae Young-Ik. The plot centers around Kang Joo-Heon (Yoon Je-Moon) chief epidemiologist at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who’s skills in deductive reasoning and logic make for a refreshing sound investigation drama, as he is confronted with the problem of a mysterious disease.

Soon in the story it becomes clear that a novel virus is affecting people in South Korea, evidence linking the occurrence of this new pathogen to the shrinking Arctic ice masses, due to climate change. This in itself is quiet remarkable for a television drama, which usually evolve around reckless experiments, and or breach of containments and often include a zombie apocalypse when it comes to pandemic viral infections.

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