Earth is a comfortable place for living things. It’s just the right temperatures for plants and animals – including humans – to thrive. Why is Earth so special?

Well, one reason is: the greenhouse effect!

Comprehension Questions:
1. The clear glass of a greenhouse allows sunlight to shine into the greenhouse, while also trapping the _______’s heat inside. This is how a greenhouse keeps plants warm, even at night and in the winter.
2. What is the name of the jacket of gases surrounding our Earth?
3. Name one of the greenhouse gases.
4. What kind of human activities can release more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere?
5. True or False: Extra greenhouse gases in our atmosphere cause our planet to warm up.

Answer Key:
1. Sun
2. Atmosphere
3. Any of the following: Water vapor; Carbon dioxide; Methane; Ozone; Nitrous oxide; Chlorofluorocarbons
4. Anything involving burning fossil fuels
5. True

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