The dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid that hit the earth and caused rapid global cooling from the sulfuric aerosols dispersed by the impact. Rapid cooling sounds like just the ticket to UNDO global warming… Can we artificially recreate the cooling effects of the asteroid’s impact to erase the effects of climate change? Well, yeah, kind of. We could inject sulphuric aerosols into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space.

This idea is called solar geoengineering, also known as solar radiation management or SRM and that’s the topic of today’s video. We’re going to talk about how it works, the pros and cons and uncertainties. And especially how we should proceed. Because solar geoengineering is much less a question of “can we” than “should we”?

And, we’re going to hear from my favourite atmospheric physicist, ClimateAdam, about what those aerosols could actually do to our atmosphere, and what we ought to think about before we start spraying them around everywhere.


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