People have been measuring local sea level at certain locations along the coasts for hundreds of years. And NASA has been measuring the global sea level for almost three decades. Over this time, scientists have observed that the global sea level has been rising. The ocean is about 7 to 8 inches higher now than it was a century ago.

Why? Because Earth is getting warmer.

Comprehension Questions:
1. What causes the level of the water to rise and sink all day long?
2. The average height of the ocean in a particular place is called the _______ _________ ________.
3. NASA measures the average sea level of the whole ocean from space. What is another name for the average sea level of the whole ocean?
4. True or False: As Earth warms, the ocean warms, too.
5. What is the name of the NASA satellites that measure global sea level?


Answer Key:
1. Waves and tides
2. Local sea level
3. Global sea level
4. True
5. Jason

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