• ORGANIZERS: Partha Sharathi Dutta (IIT Ropar, India), Vishwesha Guttal (IISc, India), Mohit Kumar Jolly (IISc, India) and Sudipta Kumar Sinha (IIT Ropar, India)
  • DATE: 19 September 2022 to 30 September 2022
  • VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall and Online

Complex systems are seen across various branches of science; examples include climatic systems, financial markets, systems biology, and ecosystems. Many new techniques have emerged for understanding the dynamics of complex systems and predicting their long-term behavior, which are often obscured by apparent randomness and disorder. Nevertheless, these systems can undergo abrupt, large, and often irreversible changes to the system’s state that have wide-ranging implications. When a dynamical system is tipped to a contrasting state in a relatively short period under the influence of small stochastic perturbations; this phenomenon is called a critical-transition or tipping. In the last two decades there are significant developments in the studies of tipping. This workshop will cover all the three major types of tipping; B-tipping, N-tipping and R-tipping, and will also discuss the recent advances on tipping point research including the application of machine learning.

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