“Who gets to decide our energy future? You see, oil companies may have big bucks, but you and I have what politicians fear most: a voice and a vote. If millions of us organize and speak out, we get to decide. Please join me in standing up to Big Oil by demanding clean energy right now.” – Robert Redford Shell Oil is racing to sink its drills into the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea — and the Obama Administration has given them the green light.

An oil spill in the fragile, wildlife-filled waters of the Arctic will devastate our natural heritage, and drilling and burning Arctic oil will fuel more climate chaos. Experts have determined that there is a 75% chance of a major oil spill if drilling proceeds. Those odds are simply outrageous — and they must not be allowed to stand.

Join Robert Redford and NRDC in asking President Obama to save the Arctic by putting it off-limits to Big Oil.

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