This is the headline. This is the only news that counts.

The challenge has been stated in such a way there is no going back.

Get popcorn.


Joe Romm responds at ClimateProgress:

We will soon see if these words have any meaning whatsoever — since approving the Keystone XL pipeline would utterly vitiate them.


Andrew Sullivan:

Then the big surprise: climate change. I didn’t think he’d put such a strong emphasis on it so emphatically, when the carbon energy industry is thriving, and when the economy remains depressed. But I think he realizes, as we all do, that future generations may look back on us entirely through this prism of our collective failure to conserve the very planet we live on through a mass rush for global wealth whose consequences are unknowable and yet whose power continues to pummel the earth we once knew. I have no idea what this would mean – in my dreams, a carbon tax in tax reform? – but it was heartening to see Obama return to it.

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